There is nothing more I love to do more than go out on a beautiful summer evening and catch a ballgame. My kids are huge baseball fans (as am I) and my wife tolerates it.

The game alone is enough to keep me happy...well, throw in a couple of beers and now we're set. However, I'm always down to eat a little something at the game too. Most ballparks however don't really offer great menu items. I once had a hot dog wrapped in a full grilled cheese sandwich at a ballpark once, and that was one of the best things I'd ever had at a game.

Then, I went to a game at HODGETOWN. I had never seen so many incredible and unique food items in my life. The amount of food I COULD have eaten is crazy, so I had to limit it and remind myself that I'll be going to plenty of games throughout the season. Here's just a couple of the offerings I had to rave about.

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So anything in a helmet at a ballgame is pretty standard, but most places usually do ice cream in them and they're just the mini helmets. Nacho Libre offers a full size plastic helmet, and it's STUFFED full of incredibly tasty nachos. Every topping you could possibly want on them is included, and yes you can get them with or without meat depending on how you like to enjoy them. If you get these, make sure you've got a couple people to scarf them down with though. They're still chips and will get soggy if you don't get them hammered down relatively quickly.


I could seriously live off the food at Diggity Dog. If I did, I'd probably have a heart attack sooner than I'd want, but it would all be worth it. The specialty dogs they offer are simply second to none. The Amarillo Dog will give you a meat fix that can't be touched outside of the Big Texan steak challenge. A hot dog that's wrapped in bacon would've been enough for me truthfully. Then they topped it off with a heaping pile of pulled pork, sprayed on a little BBQ sauce and loaded it up with some shredded cheese. Be still my heart, this goes down as the best hot dog I've ever had.

Not a dog fan? Well good news, they've got specialty sausages they can serve up. I highly recommend giving the Sunrise Dog a rip. A nice, juicy sausage that gets topped off with some bacon (of course) and cheese. The party doesn't stop there though. How about throwing on a fried egg and finishing it off with some country style gravy? It's the most decadent sausage you'll ever have in your life, and you'll want another one once you polish it off.

There are so many other things I want to try at HODGETOWN, and it's possible I'll have to take out a second mortgage on my home so I can afford it all, but believe me when I say it'll be worth every penny I spend.

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