I haven't lived in an apartment in Amarillo since the late nineties but I think one process needs to go away. I know it is still a thing because my daughter moves to a new apartment every single year.

I would think there would be one step in the process that could and should go away. I don't know why in 2024 this is even a thing. Why do they still require a money order or cashiers check for move in?

You would think with all the technological advances that the apartment renting process could get rid of that. I mean they ask for so much info in the process. I feel like you sign away so much and send them quite a lot of information so that they know whether you have the money to move in.

What really does getting a money order or cashier's check help in that process? You can then pay online after that initial payment. Why? Why is this still a thing?

My daughter moved into an apartment over the weekend in Dallas and that is still a thing there too. So it is not a big city/smaller city difference. That step is still everywhere. So I went to our bank to get a cashier's check before I got on the road.

I know there are several places you can go to get a money order but I am cheap and don't want to pay an extra fee on top of it. So I went to our bank to get a cashier's check.

It just seems to be in a world where hardly anyone even orders checks anymore this should go away. Not many people pay anything by check anymore why hasn't that process caught up with the times? Why do you have to pay the first month's rent this way? Can anyone make this make sense?

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