You may have noticed a huge new convenience store & gas station being built up on I-27 and McCormick Rd. Well, today is the day they open their doors.

The Station has officially arrived, and believe me when I say this will completely change the game.

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First and foremost, the kitchen. Show me another convenience store with a full service kitchen that makes your order fresh right there. You'll walk up to a computer screen, punch in your order to YOUR taste, then grab it hot and fresh the second it's ready. Don't have time to wait? That same kitchen has some stuff ready to go for you...and it hasn't been sitting there all day. Did I mention the food is available 24 hours a day?

Coffee fan? This is the place for you. They've got a state of the art machine that grinds whole beans when you order, then pops out an amazing espresso or cappuccino for you. Just looking for your basic black cup of coffee? They've got you, but it's not convenience store basic. Even the regular cup of joe is fresh ground beans right there for you.

Need a quick grab and go? How about over 50 different types of jerky to choose from! You'll find so many different types to choose from, you'll keep coming back until you've tried them all. Personally I'm feeling the elk jerky, but I have a feeling that's going to change as I work my way through them all.

Feeling a little saucy? Then let's get you hooked up with a famous Eskimo Hut frozen daiquiri! They've got them all right here along with the famous Jello shots you've come to know and love. And yes, you can take them home with you.

Need to use the restroom? There's plenty of stalls available for both the "dudes" and "chicks" as they have them labeled. Couple that with the fact that they're the cleanest bathrooms in all of Amarillo and you can't lose.

Don't feel like standing in line to checkout? No worries, they've got a self service checkout machine right there for you to use. Quick and convenient is what it's all about right? Check em out today at 7200 W. McCormick Rd.

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