Fire & Ice Snow Cones and Snacks via Facebook

Fans of Fire & Ice Snow Cones and Snacks need to be sure and go get a sweet treat before 9 PM tonight. After that, Fire & Ice Snow Cones and Snacks will be shut down for the season.

In a post on Facebook, Fire & Ice Snow Cones and Snacks say that the decision was made because of the new guidelines that are in place, and because of a lack of business.

It's heartbreaking, really. I'm not even a fan of snow cones in general, but I still hate to see that someone is going to have to close the doors on their business because of the times we're living in.

The post does mention that if you have "free cards," you'll be able to use them until they close tonight.

Over the past several weeks we've seen headline after headline of restaurants and stores in town having to reduce their hours and cut back on the number of employees they have on staff. Some have had to make the painful decision to close their doors for good.

I fear what comes next if Governor Abbott ever does mandate another shut down.

Small businesses of all kinds have taken a beating thanks to shutdowns and new guidelines. While some businesses have been able to adapt and change to keep some customers coming in, not all businesses have been that lucky.

Hopefully we see Fire & Ice Snow Cones and Snacks make a comeback next snow cone season. While you can, maybe swing by and pick up a snow cone tonight for you and the kids.