Now that summer has officially hit Amarillo, as we witnessed by the temperature yesterday, we're all looking for ways to stay cool in the hot summer sun. Sure, there's always going to a pool to take a dive and cool off, but what about once you get out of said pool?

It's going to be hot, you're going to feel it on your skin, and it's going to heat up your internal temperature in a hurry. What are you going to do? Dive back into the pool only to go through the cycle all over again?

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Nah, go ahead, dry off, throw your clothes back on, and hop in the car. I know it's hot in there too. Where are you headed? Somewhere that you can cool off, both externally and internally. Nothing, and I mean nothing, does that better than a snow cone.

Thankfully, Amarillo has a plethora of options when it comes to finding a snow cone. At almost any time, you can see a Kona Ice truck cruising around or posting up somewhere in Amarillo. It's an absolute staple of the 806 during the summer.

What if you can't find the truck? Well, here are a few places that are stuck in the same place and always ready to cool you off.


Yup, it's the one place that immediately comes to mind isn't it? Two locations, one on Western and one on Bell, to get you cooled off for the summer. They have so many different options to choose from, different flavors you can mix, and yes, even more than snow cones.

So what's the downside? Well, because it's the spot everyone thinks of, the lines can get super long, and I swear we all think about getting a snow cone at the same exact time. Outside of that, I see no issues going there.


On the other end of town away from a Bahama Buck's? We got you covered with one of the coolest places to grab a snow cone. Yeah, I know, bad dad joke there. The snow cones at Cool Cat though are no joke. Easily one of the best places in the city to hit up if you're craving that icy concoction.

So where are they? There are two locations for your convenience. One off of 27th and Osage while the other one resides at 27th and Grand.


Ok, so I love the name of this place because ice and the Caribbean don't exactly mix, but it works perfectly here. Located on 45th and Bell, not only do they serve up those tasty snow cones, but they've got some great other options you can cool off with.

My recommendation? Try a Coke with sweet cream. I promise you, it'll change your life and you'll crave one every day. Better start up that savings account.


I'm telling ya, if snow cones could sing, this would be where they'd be at. Found in the Ashley Furniture parking lot at 53rd and Western, they've got all the traditional snow cones you could want, along with some interesting flavor combinations.

So what sets them apart from everyone else? Oh, it's got to be the different types of floats they offer up. These aren't your traditional root beer floats. They put such an interesting spin on them that you can see where the groovy part of their name comes from.


Cruising the boulevard? Queen Bee has you covered then. Posting up at 2200 E Amarillo Blvd, you have to love the name. I mean, anything that reminds us of Beyonce and how good she is, means the snow cones are just as good right?

Not feeling a snow cone but still looking to cool down? You have to try the Pimelons there. I know, you're like what the heck is that? How about pickles, pineapple, watermelon, Tajin, chamoy, and natural lime? Yeah I know, gotta have one now, don't you?

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