Two area school districts are short on bus drivers.

Bushland and River Road independent school districts are about to begin another school year just like schools across the panhandle.  Unlike most schools however, they don’t have enough bus drivers to cover all the routes.

Difficulties filling the positions include the odd hours and long commutes for potential drivers living in Amarillo.  Drivers work from as early as 5:30am to 8am and then again around 2pm for the ride home.  Also, being a part-time job, the pay rate isn’t exactly exceptional.

There are myriad requirements and this works as a deterrent to those seeking employment.  Drivers must have a Class B Commercial Driver’s License with a passenger and a school bus endorsement.  Additionally they must pass a Department of Transportation physical every year.  They must complete 20 hours of classroom instruction plus attend a refresher course every ten years.  Drivers must also pass a background check and have a clean criminal record.

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