There are a ton of restaurants here in Amarillo. We have a lot to be thankful for but sometimes you just want to get away. You don't want to go too far though. You want to take a short drive and have the destination of a great meal.

Luckily Amarillo is surrounded by great towns that have great new places you can try. You may not have ever even heard of these restaurants. It might be worth it to broaden your horizons, take a short drive, and discover new foods.

You might even find a new favorite, which would be ok because at least it's not a far drive so you can go more than once if you want.

If your time is valuable and I am sure it is that's why this list is important. Not a time waste to drive and experience new things. Canyon and Bushland are the shortest drives on this list and they both have great places that should be tried. Then you can expand to try the others.

Canyon, TX

  • Feldman's Wrong Way Diner - 2100 N 2nd Ave
  • Mickey's Place - 1512 5th Ave
  • Buff's - 2201 4th Ave

Panhandle, TX

  • Backstreet 200 - 200 Main Street
  • Panther Pizza - 206 Main Street
  • Family Freeze - Main Street

Claude, TX

  • Red Roof Grill - 102 Parks Street
  • Lupita's Restaurant Cafe - 400 US 287
  • The Grill - 407 Front Street

Fritch, TX

  • Chris's Kitchen - 212 E Broadway
  • Jesse's Pizza Co - 424 E Broadway
  • Coyote Creek Bar - 8600 TX 136

Hereford, TX

  • Parson's Steakhouse - 215 S 25 Mile Ave
  • Dakota's Steakhouse - 1404 W 1st Street
  • Tortilleria Chihuahua - 702 W 1st Street

Bushland, TX

  • Aloha Kitchen - 18100 I40
  • Joe's Pizza and Pasta - 19151 I40 Frontage Road
  • Awakenings Bar & Grill - 20145 Wind River Drive

If your New Year's Resolution was to try new things this is a great way to start. I mean a drive that involves food as the reward is definitely a win-win.

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