It's not very usual to pick up a newspaper and find out that one of the biggest stories around town is about the paper itself. It's been a really long time that Canadian, Texas, had The Canadian Record to call their very own.

They could find it in print form. It could be picked up at a local Canadian business, you could count on it to be delivered. You could just count on it for the past one hundred and thirty-two years. That sure is many lifetimes that people counted on them.

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Now part of that is gone. Yes, you can still go online and get all the news you need for the area. You just can't hold that piece of work in your hand anymore. The Canadian Record printed its last paper just last week.

You will still be able to find all their news on their website. You can still follow them on Facebook. All of the ways that you have followed them are still around except for that print format.

That is the way I feel a lot of us grew up with when it came to newspapers. It is sad to see your youth go away. That is how Chip Chandler of Amarillo felt. He grew up in Canadian and found his love for journalism with the help of The Canadian Record.

Chip's words, like they always do, summed this news up perfectly:

I'm sad that, at least for now, kids in my hometown won't have the indefatigable Laurie and her staff chronicling their triumphs. I'm sadder that there won't be a courageous watchdog keeping an eye on those in power, one whose only agenda is the truth. Canadian is immensely poorer without the Record, but I'm grateful that, for 132 years, my hometown was so well served.

So even though this was a big move for the paper in Canadian they became the news themself. They brought an end to newspaper in their town as everyone knew it.

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