Thanks to my good friend from KISSFM, D.B. Nyce, I was able to meet with the individual responsible for purchasing the mysterious billboard on the Boulevard. Grab some tissues.

Charlie With Fanit Hill Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo
Charlie With Fanti Hill.  Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo

When Fanti Hill was just 16, she gave birth to Markeen. The odds would be stacked against this single teenage mother trying to raise her son the best she could.

Over the next several years the family went through numerous trials and tribulations. According to Hill, they were surrounded by negative. Tough times just kept coming. But she never lost her faith.

Markeen, "Keeno," was a troubled kid who would act out, landing himself in trouble often. Hill said, "That boy was just....oooooh!" Still though, she never gave up, even after the tragic passing of her own mother who had often helped watch Markeen.

Fanti said that she had to be tough on Markeen. After all, she said, they were growing up together. She couldn't let him know that though. She had to be tough.

It would be the growing up together, however, that would create an incredible bond between them.

Many said that Markeen wouldn't make it to 25. He was too much trouble. His past and his circumstance dictated a fate for him the day he was born.

On July 14 of this year, Markeen and his family celebrated everyone being wrong. He turned 25. He's a high school and college graduate. If you ask his mother today, she'll tell you that she has amazing, wonderful boys. She'll even smile with tears in her eyes when she tells you so.

The corner of the billboard revealing "Won't He Do It" symbolizes Markeen turning a new page in his life. The saying is a religious one referencing a deep faith that God has everything under control.

The "We" in "We Love You" is about more than just family. It's the community of individuals who never gave up on a boy that many wrote off as one destined to fail.

The billboard is about more than just a birthday. It's an entire story of a family who never lost hope and thanks to the guidance and love of a strong woman, they beat the odds.

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