This weekend, I finally found a little time to be able to do some fun things. It's a rare occasion for me because I'm usually always so inundated with the boy's baseball schedules.

I took the wife shopping, went to dinner for her birthday, etc. I know, you don't care. Here's what I was really excited about finally doing.

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Poker. Yes, play some cards for once. I got my first look at Amarillo Social Club this weekend, and I can officially say I'm obsessed with it.

Going to poker clubs is nothing new for me. I used to go all the time in Austin. They have a ton within the city, and I found one that was right down the street from where I worked out there. I typically went in for the freeroll tournaments as I'm not big on paying huge tourney entry fees.

Amarillo Social Club doesn't do the freeroll thing, but they did have a $60 entry tournament. Well, I had a free Saturday night and decided that it had to be the night. I got myself in the right frame of mind, setup a nice playlist to listen to while I was playing, and off I went.

The second I walked into the club, I felt at home. Tables all around, people crushing it in a cash game, TV's all around the room with nothing but sports on them. I was in my happy place.

I walk up to the counter to pay my entry fee. Table 4, seat 4. I walk over to the table, get myself situated, and make a little small talk with the people that start to arrive at the table.

6:30 pm hits and away we ago. Good conversation at the table, friendly dealers, and some really good poker play. I can say this was a different experience than Austin tournaments. There were no "blasters" at the table. Blasters are people who bet wild and crazy early on in a tournament with rebuys.

That didn't happen, at least at my table, and that made the experience way more enjoyable. Ultimately, I didn't win the tournament, but Amarillo Social Club definitely won a player. I'll be soon as baseball schedules allow me to.

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