So what if you could improve your life with something that you would actually like to accomplish? Something that you will feel good finishing because it is something doable? How about trying a new to you place in Amarillo?

I piqued your interest, didn't I? I like attainable goals. So something I came up with this year is finding places in Amarillo that I have never been to yet. Places that I see everyone posting about and giving rave reviews. I mean this has got to end well. I get to be in the know like everyone else that has tried them.

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There really are some gems here in Amarillo that you may have not tried yet. So here is your chance.

The first place that I thought I was really missing out on is Toom's. If you haven't been there now is your chance. They are located at 3416 NE 24th Ave. So it would be a little drive for me but from what I have been seeing it would totally be worth it.

So not only do they have a full menu that includes great lunch specials they have more than that to offer.

If you are a fan of Boba tea man do they have just what you are craving? They sure seem to.

Bubble waffles are something else they offer on their menu. Oh, all the toppings and sauces. It's like you will be in heaven.

If that is not enough they also serve Taiyaki. Which is something that I am not familiar with but looks interesting. Which most reminds me of a sopapilla but is shaped like a fish and filled with your choice of custards or chocolate. See here is why weight loss is not something I am looking into doing in 2023. This is all looking way too delicious.

So 2023 is looking like it is going to look up for me. It's going to start off with me improving my life and trying somewhere new. Keep an eye out for my follow up review.

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