Looking back at this past year we have had a lot going on. A lot of it had to do with a lot of water. A lot of rain. A lot of flooding. This summer was something else. We had a lot of businesses and restaurants close on Olsen and Paramount because of the flooding.

There was a lot of remodeling that had to be done after all the water in the area. We also lost Kohl's for a long time because of pipes bursting. They finally opened up and life is good again there.  A couple of businesses we lost for a bit because of water damage due to a fire.

Back in May, there was a fire at Circle N Appliance on Civic Circle. That fire caused both Circle N  and 575 Pizzeria to close. Business at Circle N went on as they were able to move on down in the shopping center.

The 575 Pizzeria location has been closed since the fire in May. It got people worried that they may not open back up. It has been a while. So what is going on? I mean this is their original location operating since 2006 so it has people wanting to know.

Luckily they do have another location on Hillside to visit in the meantime but we really want our original back and hope that is soon. This was addressed on a Restaurant page here in Amarillo and according to the folks at 575:

We are working hard to get the doors back open at the Civic Circle location. We gained extensive smoke damage from the fire that happened in our shopping center back in May. We had to rip the floors out and replace a lot of our equipment. It took a little bit of time to get everything sorted with insurance, and now we are into the remodeling phase of the project! We are hoping to have an official re-opening date towards the first of 2024. We sure do miss all of our wonderful guests and we can't wait to see them again!
So yes, they will be back. This is good news for Amarillo. We just have to be patient a little longer. It will happen though.
We know that this project has taken longer than expected and longer than we wanted it to. We have faced multiple delays such as Fire investigations, insurance hurdles and meeting city code with the remodel, but we are eager to get this location back open again!
We are eager to get you back in the neighborhood too.

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