This task presented itself about a year or so ago. A few of my co-workers decided that our Friday lunch hangout would be Joe Taco in Downtown Amarillo. Heck, it was walking distance from work. So that was a score.

My friend Bailey spends so much time at Joe Taco (at both the Canyon and Amarillo locations!) that she decided she was going to try to eat everything on the menu at least once. Halfway through, one of us realized that we should probably take some photos so I could write about our journey through the Joe Taco menu.

Thank goodness for adventurous friends like Bailey. See, my friend Russ always gets the same thing every week--the truck tacos with a double order of veggies. When my daughter joins us she always gets the Baja fish tacos. I can't take pictures of truck tacos and baja fish tacos every single time and get away with it, can I?

Everything on the menu that we have tried, we really have liked. Well except for the Pasta la Mexicana, Bailey wasn't a fan.

We did cheat a little. There was no way that Bailey would ever be able to eat the Joe's Big A Burrito. So I ordered it and she tried a bite. Don't you worry though, I finished it all. Yep, that is how I roll.

Anyway, without further ado. Please allow me to introduce a photographic journey through the Joe Taco menu!

We Spend Way TOO Much Time at Joe Taco - Downtown

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