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This morning, when my kids and I left the house to start our day, my kids excitedly pointed out all of the snow on the ground. Except it wasn't snow. It was ice.

My drive to work usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes. This morning it took an hour as I cautiously crept down the road on top of a sheet of ice.

This winter weather is expected to last through the middle of the week. So if you have to be out and about, and most of us do, here are some tips on getting where you need to go safely.

Don't Get in a Hurry

Leave early. Make arrangements if you're going to be late. Everything is going to be slowed down (or should be) until the roads are cleared. You'll need to slow down when traveling on the ice and leave plenty of distance between you and other drivers.

Be Gentle

Don't slam on your brakes, and don't lay the hammer down to get going. When you're driving on ice, you have to be gentle with your brakes and with the gas pedal. If you slam on your brakes, there's a chance your vehicle is going to slide. If you try to accelerate too fast, you may not be able to get any traction and your vehicle could start sliding in directions you don't want to go.

Keep Supplies With You

Keep some blankets, bottles of water, a charger for your phone, and light snacks with you if you are going to be traveling in winter weather. This will help you be prepared if you should become stranded.

Pay Close Attention

You should always pay close attention to what's happening on the road around you when you're driving. Even more so when driving in winter weather. If you don't have "hands free mode" in your vehicle, you can wait to check your notifications.

Be safe, and here's to hoping this stuff all clears out by Halloween.

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