Amarillo has a lot of talent. Amarillo has a lot of people who have gone on to do some amazing things. We have actors, models, sports stars, and even musicians. You never know what growing up in this area can bring you in life.

I am amazed every time I see one of my friends go on to do something I don't expect from them. It turns out I have a lot of friends who are authors. I mean seriously. Not just writing an article or two as I do. No, I mean ones that write actual books. Books that people actually buy.

Books that are sold through places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I mean serious authors. I have some pretty cool friends. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I saw that another friend of mine had a book coming out on Amazon. Now I wasn't as surprised that he wrote a book.

I used to read other stuff he wrote before. It was never a book but I knew that he could write. So I was intrigued. This guy, Trent Rosser, is someone I went to school with at Canyon High back in the day.

So another author in my circle of friends. I asked Trent about his book.

"Gunfight at Old Tascosa" is about the events leading up to the Gunfight at Boys Ranch. It all started after Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid and moved to the Texas Panhandle to train how to become Texas Rangers. After Garrett left to pursue other opportunities. A Gunfight between 5 men and 4 Texas Rangers. This is historical fiction. The gunfight really happened and Pat Garret was really there training new Rangers.

credit: Trent Rosser
credit: Trent Rosser

As I said Trent has experience writing. That is when I first found out about it when he would tag me in his work. It's not something I knew about in our classes in Canyon. I don't think we talk about that kind of stuff in high school. I mean I didn't anyway. Trent told me about some of his recent accomplishments:

I am in the "Amarillo Pioneer" Hall of Fame entertainment class of 2017 for my previous weekly column, "Rosser's Ramblings".

You can check out the book through Amazon HERE. You can even meet and talk with Trent. He will be part of a book signing coming up on June 3rd at Furrbies, 210 SW 6th, from 12 pm - 3 pm.

I will add Trent to my growing number of friends who could maybe one day write my life story.

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