So being new to the area, I have been doing some homework and just learning about Amarillo. One of the things I saw was a post about popular bars that have closed in Amarillo. So, I started to do a little digging into these places that people were talking about. Here's a few of the bygone popular hangouts that I looked into.

Paramount Club

This one seemed to pop up a lot in the comments as a place where they used to get down and rowdy. According to the history I could find, the joint opened up all the way back in 1927. However, it has since reopened as a fancy speakeasy bar for those into that sort of thing. Definitely a bit different from what locals remember it as.


Sneakers as a nightclub in Amarillo that hung around for just shy of six years. From the time it opened in 1988, this is where local Amarillo residents seemed to go if they wanted to shake their groove thing while enjoying a few cocktails. Sneakers became a popular place for bands from Dallas to Denver to come to and provide live music for the patrons. It closed in 1994.

Midnight Rodeo

If you were a fan of country music and line dancing, then this was the place for you. Opened back in 1989, the Midnight Rodeo bucked strong for close to 29 years before closing the doors rather abruptly in 2017. Unfortunately, the business had slowed down quite a bit from it's heyday and they were unable to keep the money flowing in. However, at the time, there was mention of wanting to be in the Amarillo market, but needing to reinvent the concept.

Which bars or clubs do YOU party at when you were younger? Would love to know the history!

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