Weekends are already busy when you have a restaurant in Amarillo. More people are out and about over the weekend so the restaurants get crazy busy. We do like to support our restaurants any chance we can but especially when the weekends get here.

We have some time to relax. We get some time to hang out with friends. We get to enjoy our time with our families. The weekends are meant for getting out and enjoying our time.

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Over the weekend a restaurant owner, Kensi Syvoraraj, who owns The Crackin' Crab, 3350 S Soncy, was involved in an accident. The post that I saw going around on social media stated that the accident involved her being struck by a drunk driver.

We already know that drunk driving is a huge problem here in Amarillo. This drives home that point. A local business owner is dealing with the aftermath of someone else deciding to go out and have a bit too much to drink.

According to the social media post, Kensi is in the hospital dealing with internal bleeding in between her skull and the lining of her brain. She also has two fractured vertebrae in her neck. The good news is that she is stable.

This was something that could easily have been prevented by opening the Uber app and scheduling a call. Or calling a friend. That one bad decision now has caused Kensi and her family a lot of pain.

The Crackin' Crab on Soncy's staff of course is dealing with the pain of having their leader in the hospital. They are taking cards, flowers, or any words of encouragement at the restaurant and making sure Kensi gets them.

We hope Kensi makes a speedy recovery. More importantly, we hope that people learn that it is just not worth it to get into a car when you are drinking. There are just too many other options out there. It's a lot cheaper to call an Uber than to pay off a DWI. It's also a lot easier to deal with an Uber than having to live with being the one to cause an accident or a death.

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