We get some restaurants that seem to close out of the blue. We had no idea that they were struggling. We just have to deal with the aftermath of their sudden closing. It's never fun but it is the ending of the circle of life in Amarillo.

We get a new place. We are excited about it. We flock to the new place. Now if they are really good. Oh, and I mean really good we visit them a few times. We decide if they will continue in our circle of go-tos. They have to be convenient too. It makes it easier.

Sometimes we forget about them. We don't mean to. Life gets busy. We decided we were going to eat at home more. We want to save money. That is sometimes how it starts.

Then we find out a place is closing or suddenly closed. That is how it happens. We wish we had known. I mean if we like the place. If not we jump in and say things about not being surprised at all. That is how we are.

So when a local business took to social media recently they wanted to let us know that they needed our help. They didn't want there to be any surprises. They wanted their situation to change. So they asked for our help.

They don't want to close so the best thing is to share with us their fears. You can't say you didn't know. You can't say you haven't been warned.

Was this a smart move? I mean I did see the post shared several times so the word is getting out. Budnuts Mini Donuts wants to serve you. Do you think it helped? Maybe so because they did also jump to social media to post an update.

Hopefully, those new followers also lead to more business. Nobody wants to see a local family and local employees lose their business or job. So if you are looking for donuts Budnuts may be a great place to start.

Even the people who had to wait in line to help seemed happy. This is great to see. Our community is great to jump in and help.

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