The school year is just now underway. That means books, and those books go in backpacks. According to a news story released today, your kid's backpack could cause back issues.

According to the news story, an Amarillo chiropractor is warning parents about overloaded backpacks and the issues they can cause. He is seeing more and more kids every year with back problems linked to heavy backpacks, according to the article.

It makes sense if you stop to think about it. All of those heavy books are packed in a backpack that is more often than not worn loosely. It causes students to develop bad posture, which can lead to things like "pelvic unleveling" and "scoliosis" according to the article.

Growing up, I remember my backpack making my back hurt. The article does list some ways to help ease the strain of backpacks. For instance, putting heavier items closer to the body. Also, make sure the backpack isn't hanging below the waistline.

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