There are a lot of annoyances in life right? The spam calls and texts we are CONSTANTLY getting come to mind. Porch pirates that are running around town and snatching up everyone's packages are definitely another.

But with the spam calls, we can just ignore and send to voicemail. Porch pirates we can catch if we have those fancy Ring doorbells.

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The biggest annoyance though, at least to me, is door-to-door salespeople.

Now before I start going into it here, I know they are just out there doing their job and trying to make a living. It's not a job I could personally do, so I give them a lot of credit for being able to be go-getters.

However, I get SO annoyed by having to get off the couch or wherever I am when I hear a knock at the door. Well apparently, the door-to-door salespeople here in Amarillo have NO chill.

I saw someone post on Reddit that they had an encounter with some salespeople knocking on their door at 9pm the other night. Do you have any idea how livid I would be? According to the post, it was a couple of gentlemen who asked if they spoke Spanish. She told the men no then shut the door.

Now I don't know what they were up to exactly. Maybe it was nothing and they really were just trying to push something, maybe it was something else. However, if it was indeed door-to-door salespeople at 9pm, it has to stop.

One person commented that a Vivint salesperson showed up at their door one night at 9:15 pm. That's just beyond unacceptable. Be better Amarillo companies, don't have your people going out that late at night.

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