Amarillo’s family of red light cameras will soon be growing.

The Amarillo City Council has voted to add cameras to many intersections across the city.  The new locations are the result of traffic studies from 2014 – 2017.  They include statistics from the 20 worst accidents in Amarillo over that time period.

New cameras are slated to be installed at the following intersections:

Taylor and 10th (Westbound)

Grand and I-40 (NFR Westbound)

Buchanan and 3rd (Westbound)

Grand and I-40 (NFR Southbound)

Pierce and Amarillo Blvd. (Southbound)

Bell and Plains (Northbound)

Georgia and 26th (Northbound)

The study also recommended the removal of four existing cameras:

Coulter and Elmhurst (Northbound and Southbound)

Pierce and 11th (Southbound)

Amarillo Blvd and Fillmore (Westbound)

No timetable has been announced for the new installations or the removals.

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