If one of the reasons why you haven't gone to get your vaccine yet is that you just don't have the time to make the trip across town, the City of Amarillo Public Health Department is going to be rolling out mobile vaccination clinics...no pun intended.

The mobile units will be at alternating sites on Thursdays, and will be open from 10 AM to 5 PM. The first location will be at the Warford Activity Center on April 29. Other locations that will be hosting the mobile clinic are the El Alamo Community Center, Eastridge Baptist Church, and Southwest Amarillo Public Library.

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That's not the only change. There's a new weekly schedule as well.

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of each week the Civic Center Vaccination Clinic will be at the Civic Center Downtown. On the first and second Saturday of each month, the Clinic will be open at the Civic Center. The Clinic is closed on Wednesdays.

The process is a fairly simple one. I have several friends who have gone to the Civic Center Clinic to get their vaccination. All of them have told me that the process only took 30 minutes, tops.

Most of them said that the longest part was the wait afterward to see if there were any adverse effects.

With how well we've streamlined the process of getting a vaccination, we've actually received national recognition for how well we've done, the City is really doing their best to make getting the vaccine as easy as possible.

If you're wanting to get your vaccine, but have been putting it off for any number of reasons, be sure to keep up with the City of Amarillo on social media for updates on Clinic hours and availability. You can also use this website to get the latest info.

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