The one thing we know about the weather here in Amarillo is how unpredictable it can be. We can see the temperatures fluctuate so much. I remember when I first moved to the Texas Panhandle I was told if I didn't like the weather just wait ten minutes it would change.

I thought that was strange. Then I realized just how true it was. We could start the week off with sunny and eighty-degree days. Oh, and we have. Then we can end the week with snow. We have done that recently too. In between we have wind and other craziness.

Once March gets here we start planning for our spring and summer. We want to get outside and plant things. We want pretty flowers. We want veggies growing in our gardens.

We Need to Learn to Slow Down

The one thing we get when we jump ahead is extra work. If we decide to risk it and go out and plant then when inevitably we have another freeze we have work to do. We either have to bring plants inside or we have to cover them. If we don't do either we run the risk of losing the plant we were so excited to get started.

So When Can We Expect Our Last Freeze in Amarillo?

I have always been told that the safest bet is to wait until Mother's Day Weekend to plant anything. We are safe by then. Do we really have to wait that long? I mean that is still a couple of months away. We have spring fever in the worst way.

According to the Almanac, the average last date for a freeze in Amarillo is April 22nd. So if you just must get to planting then you can get a jump on it towards the end of April.

Oh, Amarillo you never keep us bored that is for sure. Who knows you may still decide to push this issue and dare to plant earlier. Just make sure you are prepared to protect those plants late into April.

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