On their Facebook page, the Amarillo Police Department posted about an arrest made after 2 AM this morning (9/27/2019). The arrest led to the discovery of items from at least two auto burglaries.

According to the post, police were responding to a call when they heard gunshots. When they were checking the area, they saw a man "peek out of an alley." Officers began looking for the person. When they found him, he fled.

At one point the person climbed onto a roof and began to run from officers across roof tops. Officers pursued and were able to capture the person in a "side yard of a residence."

The person resisted arrest. Police deployed two tasers, and they proved ineffective on the person. Eventually they were able to place him under arrest.

The person was identified as Dustin Casey McClure. Officers discovered several items in his possession including knives, wallets, and other "identifying items that did not belong to him."

The items were "found to be from at least two unreported auto burglaries." According to the post, he was charged with "Resisting Arrest, Evading Arrest or Detention, Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information, and Burglary of a Vehicle."

You can find the Facebook post below.

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