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With Amarillo currently at "level red," a lot of places are back to curbside service only. That includes the Amarillo Public Library.

Since the rows of books aren't being filled with people looking for their next great read, Amarillo Public Library has taken it upon themselves to offer up some much needed wholesome content.

I sat and watched their live stream reading children's books. As a full-grown man, I am not ashamed to say it made me smile. No politics. No virus. No stimulus. Just an owl, and a scarecrow.

It was a much needed wholesome distraction for a moment from all of life's insanity. They even had craft ideas and a take-home kit so you could make the crafts yourself.

I went digging through more of their posts. There were book recommendations, a special reading honoring Veterans yesterday, and funny little stories about all of the characters that inhabit the library.

I think it is safe to say that a lot of us, at some point, have felt like we're reaching our breaking point in 2020. I know I have. More than once actually. Thank you Amarillo Public Library for giving me a few moments away from all of the stress.

If you have younger children, or you're a kid at heart, check out their social media page. The craft idea I mentioned went along with their most recent live video.

You can find the Amarillo Public Libraries live videos on their Facebook page by following this link. Be sure to give them a like so you'll know when the next one is happening.

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