Feeling stressed? We all are. Some of us more than others. The good news for us is that, according to this study, we're relatively low-stress given the circumstances.

WalletHub released a new study of the most and least stressed cities in the U.S. It was no shock to see Dallas and Houston high on the list.

Amarillo ranked 92, which is about halfway through the list. Our most stress inducing factor was health related. When it came to "Health & Safety Stress" we ranked 26.

"Work Stress" is where we did best, scoring 126. That score looked at things like job security, commute times, job satisfaction...you get the idea.

When it comes to stress, Lubbock has us beat by a few points. Lubbock ranked 99. The one category we were less stressed in than Lubbock was "Family Stress."

"Family Stress" was determined by the number of divorces and separations, number of single parent households, the average duration of current marriages, and availability and cost of child care.

The most stressed out city in the U.S. right now, according to the study, is Cleveland, Ohio. The only category they saw a double digit score in was "Work Stress." They were top 5 in everything else.

Houston came in at 15, Dallas at 36, and San Antonio at 50. No big surprise considering the recent surge of Covid-19 cases in those cities.

I always hate it when someone says, "It could always be worse." Of course it could. It doesn't require a big brain to figure that out. With this study, at least the optimists among us have some numbers to back up their claims.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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