When it comes to working a side gig there are many options. It seems like a new opportunity pops up all the time. I wanted to find something to do with my spare time. Something that would get me out of the house.

Oh, and making extra money is always a good thing. I thought with my schedule that driving and delivering for DoorDash or Uber would be best for me. I could work lunches or dinners. Heck I could work both on some days.

I could also choose not to work at all. So I signed up for DoorDash. Or at least I tried to. There was a wait to sign up. Too many dashers in the area. So I went over and tried to sign up for Uber Driving. I thought I might run into the same problem.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Nope, I got in right away. It took about two weeks to get accepted by DoorDash. I finally started my journey two weeks ago. So which one do I like working for the most? I have been asked that a few times.

They both have their good and bad things. I wish when you were offered a delivery that it would automatically tell you the business name that you may be dropping off to. That would help. Or even the name of the apartments. Neither app does that.

DoorDash does let you know on the initial request what address you will be delivering to. I like that. Uber Driving just gives you crossroads. I don't like that because I like a heads up if I am dropping off to an apartment. I hate delivering to an apartment. I really do.

Usually when I see the address I type it in Google Maps so I can see a picture of where I am delivering. So when DoorDash gives me that info that is helpful. I know right away if it's an apartment or not.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So does that make DoorDash better? Not necessarily. I can get onto Uber Driving whenever I want to and deliver food. DoorDash sometimes makes you schedule. So if there is not an open schedule for Amarillo then I can't make any money.

I know that changes when you have an over fifty percent percentage acceptance for DoorDash. Currently I am sitting at forty-five. Why? Because if I see a no tip offer I am not driving and putting miles and wear and tear on my car. I am just not doing that for a few bucks.

In my two weeks of delivering I have also noticed that Uber Eats customers tend to tip better. So I am going to test that out some more. They both have their good and bad stuff. I make decent money on both.

I find the DoorDash app easier to use so I do prefer them. That may change if I see that Uber Driving keeps getting me better money.

To be continued.....

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