With everything that has happened in the past month or so, it sure seems like May was a lifetime ago. Remember that was when Election Day was for Amarillo. It should have been the end of the political season but it wasn't.

In this past month, we have had a lot of things going on. We have seen crazy weather. There were floods and tornadoes. So to remember that we still needed to finish our complete city council you may have forgotten.

We found out that Cole Stanley was, in fact, going to be our mayor. We also know that Place Two will be filled by Don Tipps. Place Four by Tom Scherlen. Among all of the other problems our area has seen we still need two city council members.

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Amarillo really needs this. So this is the time that you need to get out and vote. If you didn't vote early you need to vote on Saturday. This is important. If you were one who complained about the last group of city politicians you really need to get out.

I know we always say if you don't vote you can't complain. I get on Facebook. I see how everyone complains regardless. The turnout for the first election in May was pitiful for Amarillo.

Don't let this be the same thing this Saturday. We still need to vote for Place One between Dean Crump and Josh Craft. Who will it be? Your vote matters. It really does.

We are also looking to fill Place Four between Claudette Smith and Les Simpson. Again, if you haven't voted do it Saturday. You have seen all the billboards and yard signs. You have an opinion. Hey, if you need one, message me. I will tell you who to vote for. Sure. Just do something.

I know you will see me out on Saturday.

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