Last night, cold weather hit us pretty hard. Wind chill factors were forecast to be down in the teens. Also last night, Amarillo's Code Blue Warming Station was not able to activate.

The Code Blue Warming Station exists for nights like last night. It gives Amarillo's homeless population a place to keep warm during nights where it is dangerously cold.

They have also been able, in the past, to help with referrals and case management. It's more than just a spot to keep warm on a cold night.

According to ABC7, when the Code Blue Warming Station "activates":

The activation meant the doors at Guyon Saunders Resource Center would open after hours to the homeless community.

The Code Blue Warming Station was told it would need to find a new home sometime near the end of August.

On the Code Blue Warming Station Facebook page they state:

Ideally, we are seeking permission to use, or a 6 month lease of, a building located in or near downtown with a large open area. If you have any leads, please message this page or text/call the Amarillo Housing First office at 806.414.2243.

As winter approaches, Code Blue Warming Station is looking for a place to operate. For more information or to see how you can help, reach out to Code Blue Warming Station on Facebook, or contact Amarillo Housing First at the number above.

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