Recently Crazy Larry's Barbecue on Teckla here in Amarillo had a fire after closing. They closed up business for the day at 3 pm and the fire started sometime after 5 pm. Of course, as Amarillo tends to be the news spreads all over social media in no time.

There was little information anywhere. No idea where the fire started or how much damage was done. The fire happened earlier this week on Monday. They did not open up on Tuesday. I finally started seeing some information.

The fire did cause damage. Enough that they are going to have to be closed for several months. So that is several months of no Crazy Larry's. That is several months of no income coming in for this locally-owned business.

That is also several months of work ahead. Of course, all of this is going to take money. As Amarillo does we love to help. This is where the barbecue community steps in Nine Line BBQ is ready to help, to make sure they do their part.

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They are going to be a drop-off point this weekend. They are offering a place where the community can stop by have a great meal and donate. They are also going to put their money where their mouth is as well and give of themselves too.

So this is a good time to find an excuse to go out to eat. A good excuse. I mean you want to help your community. Plus you don't have to clean up and have dishes after hours of cooking. Let Nine Line Barbecue - 5920 Hillside, do the work. Then you can also give to Crazy Larry's.

It's going to be a long few months for this family and remember when they do get back open to go in and support them too. They will appreciate it.

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