Last week we found out that LandShark Burgers were going to have to change its name. It all started when they got served and told that they were going to have to come up with something else.

So as social media goes we tried to help out. So many gave them so many suggestions. On Friday the word was that they had made a decision. They knew what their new name was going to be.

What is LandShark Burgers Changing Their Name To?

I was hoping like in their last video they were going to do something snarky to go after the people that didn't like them using the name LandShark. Even they had fun with it during their last video.

That is not what happened. They stayed away from anything Margaritaville related. They promised that we would have an answer on Monday. I kept checking and checking. I wanted an answer sooner than later. I did like the suggestion of SandShark. I mean you only had to change one letter. How is that for saving money with signs and such?

I waited patiently for an official answer.

Then I saw where they lost the roof to their stage during our big windstorm. So with getting a new name and a new stage roof I thought the announcement would end up being made another day.

Nope, they delivered as promised. I saw the post at about 7 pm last night. So what will we need to start calling LandShark Burger? The answer was here.

The new name, yes, is SharkBeach. See what they did there? They moved shark to being the first word.....and instead of land, how about the ultimate party place? The beach. I mean OK, it works. Just please don't let anyone get on that stage and sing Baby Shark. I beg.

So now that the name is out there now we just have to wait for it to become official. It's time for everyone to start using their new name. We will keep an eye out for it to become Facebook Official. The page name will have to change, signs will have to change and we just have to

There is still a lot to do. Long live SharkBeach.

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