We learned back in January that Amarillo's Westgate Mall was going to open back up their movie theater. This has been something that a lot of us are thrilled about. Finally, something brings us back to the heyday of the malls.

We were originally told that the movie theater was going to open at the end of January. We thought that was pretty past but hey that was good news. We are now halfway through March and we have not seen anything new. Every time I stopped at the mall I walked by just to see the progress.

There wasn't any. I finally found some good news. Some glimmer of hope that it is happening soon. Oh, and it looks like it really is happening.

What is Going on With Westgate Mall's Movie Theater?

I recently saw a job posting that caught my attention. It brought some hope that the theater is still happening.

I am looking to hire about 10 movie theatre floor staff for the Theatre reopening in the Westgate Mall. Looking for A few that can work days, and the rest nights or both would be great. If you are interested please send me a email at tbrown@scene1ent.com.

We are hoping to open next week, so please let me know if you are interested! Thank you !

So the theater is hiring. They are looking for employees. Just a step closer to opening. It wasn't in time for Spring Break but that is ok. It is happening a little later than the end of January opening we were given. Oh, but it is still happening and that is really all that matters.

Soon we will be able to use that "super secret" mall entrance late at night to go to the movies. I mean if we can remember where it was located. We may need a refresher. It's been a minute since we were able to head to Westgate Mall to catch a movie. We are excited about this.

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