Is the Mandela Effect alive and well here in Amarillo? The Mandela Effect is a false memory that a huge group of people remember. Something that never was but people would swear up and down that it's actually a fact.

There are a ton of well-known false memories out there. One example is a movie called "Shazam" that starred Sinbad. Many people remember this movie except that it never happened. Sinbad never played a genie. We all remember it though. So what is up with that?

There are many more that you can look up. You will probably also remember the information incorrectly too. It's ok. It's just amazing how many things people would swear that they remember when actually it never happened.

Amarillo's Very Own Mandela Effect

Amarillo has had an instance of the Mandela Effect hit right here. Recently there was a story about what it would take to get a Jack in the Box here in Amarillo. A lot of us would really love to have one.

A lot of us would also swear up and down that we used to have one in town. They have memories of eating at a Jack in the Box a long time ago. There have been arguments about this that I have seen on social media. There have been posts addressing this topic.

We did have a Hardee's and that Hardee's did serve a burger on sourdough jack just like Jack in the Box.  It was called a Frisco Burger. That does not make it a Jack in the Box. We also did have a Jack in the Box store a long time ago. Neither of those two are the Jack in the Box we are talking about.

How did Amarillo end up with these false memories? A dedicated Amarillo resident even went to the library to research. She was convinced we did have a Jack in the Box at one time.

credit: Desi Forsyth
credit: Desi Forsyth

We did not. So it does seem like Amarillo we have our own Mandela Effect. Now I would love to change this by actually getting a Jack in the Box here to enjoy. Then that false memory will be a reality.

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