If you've been looking for that job with solid pay to start, look no more.

Your chance to work with one of the biggest companies on the planet here in Amarillo has officially arrived, and they're paying well!

The Amazon warehouse here in town is looking to fill a whopping 500+ jobs, and they're doing it by raising the starting wage!

Roles in the fulfillment and transportation divisions are going to see staring wages raised from $15 per hour up to anywhere between $18-22 per hour. I mean, that's some pretty solid pay for a new gig. When you break that out yearly, it is between $37,440-45,760 annually. Yeah, that'll work!

The thing with Amazon though is it doesn't just stop at the salary. Amazon is know to really take care of their workers, and you're going to benefit big time from that. So what am I talking about?

Well, these positions with Amazon come with fully paid benefits. Health, vision and dental are fully covered by the company for their full time employees. When you factor that in, you're getting to keep what equates to roughly $3.50 per hour in your paycheck, so you'll receive your full salary (minus those pesky taxes of course) in your paycheck, not only part of it because you had to pay for your benefits.

If for some reason that's not enough for ya, Amazon recently announced their Career Choice Program where they will cover FULL college tuition for their employees.

Keep an eye on their job postings page for these incredible Amarillo opportunities to not only get back to work with a good paying job, but get that degree you've always wanted but may not have been able to afford!

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