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We're all familiar at this point with daily report cards. The City shares one everyday at 2:30 PM regarding Covid-19. Now, we have another report card to look forward to.

Earlier today, the City of Amarillo shared a link to the new daily report card that will be issued by Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

The report card will be updated daily Tuesday through Saturday.

The goal of the daily report card is to give us all a glimpse of everything from how many animals are taken in on a daily basis, to what current capacity levels are at.

The daily report card kicked off this week, so there's only two days worth of data to look at. I honestly didn't expect it to be very interesting when I clicked through to the website, but there were some numbers that caught my eye.

One is the "percent full" number. For dogs, that percentage is pretty high. For cats, it's still high but not as much as for dogs.

Another number that caught my eye was the "outcomes" number. Tuesday's report card shows a big day for adoptions along with return to owner and relocate.

There is also a space for euthanasia on the report card. Tuesday, there was only one instance marked as "other." The report cards are broken down into dogs, cats, and other. Other means wildlife.

If you want to check out the report cards for yourself and keep up with them, you can follow this link.

I'm encouraged by this. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding AAMW in recent years. Hopefully this is a sign of better times ahead.

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