I took a trip to Hobby Lobby the other day. I found a project I want to work on. My goal is to update this project yearly. Of course, it was something I found on TikTok. As much as I hate that site it does have its value, I guess.

So for this project, I needed certain letters for my granddaughter to hold. I knew Hobby Lobby would be my best bet. So I went. Of course, they had what I needed. I just needed to choose the perfect size.


@priyalylaa im actually obsessed this turned out out so cute✨ #diygift #giftsfordad #christmas #birthday #easydiy #diy #christmaspresents ♬ Real Love Baby - Father John Misty

As I was going through and picking out what I needed I noticed something. The prices were different for different letters. It didn't make sense. The letter "I" was more expensive than the letter "M". Oh, and there were three different price ranges.

So of course I picked through all of the letters I needed to get the cheapest one of each letter. I am not dumb after all. I even asked when I got to the register to see if they had any explanation. The lady said I really have no idea.

I mean the letter "I" was a simple letter to cut out so why was it more expensive than the "M"? Make this make sense. Then it dawned on me. I remember seeing yet another video on TikTok talking about this. I had to go and find it just to prove I was not crazy.


@trifoliumgirl Always check the price tags at Hobby Lobby, something is NOT right with their system. Hobby Lobby is wild. #hobbylobbyprices#hobbylobby#hobbylobbyconspiracy#hobbylobbyweird#hobbylobbypricetags#trending#fyp#wild#hobbylobbyiswild♬ original sound - TrifoliumGirl


So I found out for myself that this is true. When you are shopping at Hobby Lobby check the different items. Find the cheaper one. Even in the Amarillo Hobby Lobby, this is a thing.

Hobby Lobby Price Differences

The prices are different on different items at Hobby Lobby. Check them even in Amarillo.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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