It was recently announced that the street maintenance program in Amarillo will be starting soon. As crews being repairing roads, be sure to be extra cautious and keep an eye out for them.

This project will resurface and maintain most residential roadways south of I-40 and east of I-27, as well as several miles of arterial roadways throughout the City.

The project will start on Monday, April 27.

Be sure to check out their website for maps of where projects will be, and what neighborhoods will be affected. This will help you adjust any daily commutes you might still have, or any travel plans you have coming up.

Also be sure to lookout for pedestrians and workers in these areas. According to the CDC/ National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), over the years 2003 - 2018, Texas was the state with the most fatal accidents at road construction sites.

Road construction is a sore subject for a lot of us in Amarillo. I've moved across town twice since I moved here, and every time I move it seems like the traffic cones follow me.

You can't out run them.

It can be frustrating, especially when you have somewhere you really need to be. Still, be on the lookout for other people. You'd appreciate someone taking a second look for you if you were working on that crew.

The website does give a timeline for some projects to be finished. For the others, there is additional information.

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