Early this morning, my wife shared a Facebook post with me. The post said, "Pray for Awesome April. She was hit by a car. No word on how she is doing."

I feared the worst. Several people commenting on several different posts confirmed that she was in the hospital.

After doing some digging, there are still no updates yet on how she's doing.

The last time I talked with her was January 10, of this year. She was busy, in the cold, spreading her message to everyone in town.

You're awesome.

April has spent a huge amount of time and energy in trying her best to lift everyone around her up. She doesn't do it for money. She doesn't do it for fame. She does it, because sometimes it's easy to forget that we're all "awesome" in our own way.

But now, instead of trying to put smiles on our faces with her dancing and her awesome signs (pun intended), April needs our good vibes, prayers, positive cosmic energy...what ever you call it.

As soon as I get an update, I'll pass it along.

Stay awesome, and get well soon, April.


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