Being new to the city, I've noticed some abandoned buildings and other things that are around town. It made me wonder what used to be there, and how missed is it by the city?

I tried to start doing a little research to see what some of these buildings used to be, and I stumbled upon a post on Facebook that caught my attention. It asked about if you could bring back a restaurant, grocery store or shopping store, what would you bring back?

I started looking at all the comments on the post, nearly 500 of them to be exact. Restaurants seemed to be the most popular thing mentioned. There were a few that seemed to pop up numerous times, so I dug into these particular ones a bit. Do you agree these are places you'd like to see come back? What else would you bring back to Bomb City?


This beloved restaurant was open for 62 years before it permanently closed it's doors in April 2016. it didn't close for any bad reason, in fact, it appears it was one of THE spots to go to for food in Amarillo. The owners just decided it was time to retire and randomly closed the doors. It seems the items missed the most are the enchiladas, which you can actually make at home now thanks to this recipe, chicken fried steak and the hamburgers.


From the research I've done, Myers was a staple in Amarillo for approximately 25 years or so. If I'm looking at things correctly, it appears to have closed all the way back in 1976 but did it ever seem to leave a great impression. Myers was one of the most commented places people would love to see come back. If the chicken was THAT good, I'd like to see it come back since not only did they close before my time, but well before I ever got here. Let's find a way to get this one back into existence for the generations that lost out.


One of my major weaknesses in It seems to me that Shakey's was THE place to go for a good slice or pie. Shakey's was a chain that was established in 1954, and made it's way to Amarillo shortly thereafter. Memories from the 60's and onward have been recollected upon here in Bomb City, but as the company ownership continuously seemed to change hands, locations started to dwindle. At its peak, it had 500 restaurants in the U.S. alone. As of 2018, only 51 remained and 48 of them were in California.

While I'm sure we can all agree we'd like to see these places come back, I'm curious to know what YOU would like to see return. Here's your chance, type in your picks in the box below:

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