Reports recently came out that physical album sales are beating digital downloads for the first time in a long time. People are getting back into vinyl records, CDs, and even cassette tapes.

On a recent trip to Pondaseta Brewing Co., I found out about their "BYOV" nights. BYOV is short for "Bring Your Own Vinyl."

I was told how they set up a record player, and everyone is free to bring in some of their favorite records. Genre doesn't matter.

When I asked about BYOV nights, I was told the mix was very "eclectic." Selections ranged from Classical to Michael Jackson, and then Metallica. It can be all over the place.

It seems like a lot of fun. Tuesdays are when they have their BYOV night. They're also always unveiling a new beer made right here in Amarillo.

I do really enjoy their blonde ale. Blonde ales are pretty much my go to, and this one is pretty smooth.

It has plenty of flavor without being a kick in throat.

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