The opioid epidemic has destroyed countless lives and left many learning what it means to be addicted.

America is catching up, if slowly.  The medical community is making a conscious and deliberate effort to limit usage of opioid based drugs in procedures and care.  Amarillo is also catching up.

BSA Hospital has decided to adopt a new procedure, opioid free c-sections.  After studying the technique BSA is now ready to provide the option for patients concerned with exposure to opioids.

That’s not to say pain medication isn’t used, it is but it’s the friendlier and non-addictive non-opioid based pain relievers.  Women who have undergone the procedure report a heightened sense of alertness during delivery and after, plus patients tend to regain their mobility much sooner than opioid medicated mothers.

And they don’t find themselves at home, searching for more painkillers on the illegal black market.

Currently the procedure is exclusive in Amarillo to BSA Hospital.

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