We called it. A terrible mosquito season. We had several weeks of just way too much rain so we knew it would include massive mosquitos. Have you been seeing a lot more this summer?

Remember the invasion of moths earlier? Those were bad but they were just an annoyance. These mosquitos are out for blood. Literally. Some people just don't get bitten as much as others.

I never understood why. Mosquitos, though, just don't like me. I attribute that to my overuse of Jergens hand lotion. I feel they don't like the kind I use. My daughter and granddaughter, on the other hand, mosquitos just have a feast on them.

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With all the rain if you have any standing water make sure you get rid of it. Water is just a breeding area for mosquitos. So look in your backyard. Do you have planters that  RE just holding water? Dump them out.

Of course, make sure you are loaded up with bug spray anytime you are outdoors. That DEET in bug spray will protect you. What happens though if you get bitten? I mean it happens to the best of us.

I think this whole summer I have had one bite. Again for whatever reason mosquitos really don't like me. My daughter got just the perfect thing to help with those bites. I thought there is no way this works. She insisted on getting it last summer.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Have You Tried the Bug Bite Thing?

We end up having to use it a lot on my daughter and granddaughter. It works by taking out the poison or stinger that the bug leaves. It removes by sucking out the stuff that is making you itch or hurt. Oh, and it works. I used it on the one bug bite I had.

I didn't have to use all kinds of creams and stuff to stop the itch. I mean if you have to have mosquito bites this is not a bad way to get rid of the pain. I mean if you can avoid them altogether that is the way to go.

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