A real laugh-out-loud moment happened to me this week. I saw an article on what to do if you can't get the Big Game on your TV.

The solution they offer if you can't get the Big Game is to get some rabbit ears. They even provided a video on how to install a set of your own.

It's a shame we don't have knobs on our TVs anymore. If I could change the channel with some pliers or a butter knife, this would make me feel like a kid again.

Do you think this has anything to with the recent blackout for DISH customers?

This type of thing happens constantly. A company that provides programming and the company that passes that programming along to viewers will go to the mattresses over how much the contract is worth.

Usually the only people who suffer are us.

It gets hyped from both sides too. Both sides claim to be the reasonable party, while the other is greedy and costing you your programming.

It's why I cut the cord and exclusively stream. I don't have to deal with it anymore.

Unfortunately local channels, like Fox 14, are caught in the middle and that's the real shame. No local affiliate is locked in a heated negotiation.

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