Canyon ISD announced their plans for the upcoming school year yesterday. When it comes to how kids will be learning this year, you'll have options.

Students and faculty will be returning to school this fall. What that is going to look like, is anyone's guess. Everyone is still waiting on guidance from the Texas Education Agency.

Canyon ISD did announce they will have the option available for students to learn at home. As we found out from Amarillo ISD's announcement, the requirements from students and parents are going to be more than what we experienced in the spring.

Canyon ISD is scheduled to being the new school year on August 19.

The issue of not just returning to school, but how we go about having children in class together is a divisive one. There are a lot of different ways people are suggesting we resume classes.

Some recommend limiting class size, which seems like a logistical nightmare. Do we get more teachers? Do we change the number of hours kids are in class?

Others have recommended alternating days. Half of students go Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, the school would be closed for cleaning. Then, the other half of students would be in class Thursday and Friday.

And then there's the question of masks.

You can watch the latest updates from Canyon ISD via their YouTube channel. If you have a Canyon ISD student, be sure to watch for updates as we get closer to the first day of school.

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