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Amarillo is pretty spooky place. There are a lot of rumors that have been passed around for years about several places in town that are supposedly haunted. We have multiple "ghost hunting" teams in the area.

I decided to look on YouTube and see if there were any videos out there of investigations or sightings that have taken place in Amarillo. After looking around, I think we need to up our ghost game.

Of course the most infamous video I would find is the hotly debated episode of Ghost Hunters that was filmed in Amarillo. If you think back to that time, not many people were too happy with the episode. You can watch the full video above.

This video from 4 years ago features a paranormal research team tackling Music Box. It also features some very flashy caption work. The group claims to have caught "ghostly" voices.

This one is a bit of a dud. There's a lot of production work added to this video, so you might miss out on any hidden whispers. It's more of an "exploration" video than a "haunted" video. There isn't anything in this video that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and the production values might make you roll your eyes. In 2018, was anyone really still using the old Camcorder/VHS home movie timestamp?

This video features a couple of people wandering around a graveyard. If you can get past the chuckles and the commentary that at times borders on being completely inane (not insane...inane), then you still don't have much to look forward to.

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