For the love of all that is good please leave my auto-pay alone. I am that kind of person who likes to set it and forget it. I know my bills are being paid. I don't have to write one of those archaic things called a check.

I don't have to go online on a monthly basis and physically pay any bills. I like the convenience. Until that moment it is not convenient. I have to set everything back up again. Once I do life is good again. For now, though, it is not. Why?

The City of Amarillo is changing their site to make payments. I mean I shouldn't complain because I remember that my water bill was pretty much the last hold out. Everything else was paid automatically. Not the water bill. So when that changed I was elated. I didn't have to write a check for any bills. I didn't have to go on-line to make any payments.

They were all on auto-pay which is a wonderful thing, until now. The City of Amarillo has come up with a new platform to pay. It's supposed to be easy. It's supposed to make life easier. I mean once it is set up. It's called PayAMA.

If you have an auto-pay for your water bill just know you don't anymore you have to sign up again. Which to me is not a big deal unless you just don't have your account number. They do not have an online service to look it up. I can't in the process of signing up find my account by entering my billing address. I can't find it by entering my social security number.

No, I have to call. I hate having to call for anything. I don't have an old bill just laying around. No I shred those once I know they are paid. So I will have to call. I have to do the one thing I hate to do.

OK, I got online to get the phone number and I saw that I can actually chat with an agent. Whew. Seriously sped things up a lot. I gave them my billing address and a few other identifying bits of information and they hooked me up with my account number.

After that I can set up auto-pay and all is good again. I just have to do it. HERE is where you start the process.

So just know that the good news is once you get all signed up and ready to go you will get a one time ten dollar credit on your account. So that ten dollars will make everything better. Please City of Amarillo, I will get this all done, but please don't change anything again for some time. I beg of you.

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