The summer in Amarillo is all about learning how to cool off in the extreme heat. We haven't even hit summer officially and we have had a few really hot days already. They are just going to keep coming.

So how you keep your cool is going to come into play. You can take the kids to enjoy one of the many splash pads in Amarillo. You can take them to one of our pools. Both of those will keep them cool.

You can sit inside with the air conditioning blowing on you. What is the fun in that? You are staying cool but there is no great story to tell when the kids get back to school. There are no memories made that way.

How to Keep Your Cool in Amarillo?

You can just take a moment and think this through. The splash pads and pools are just fine but you can get cooler than that. Have you ever wanted to learn how to skate? I don't just mean outside on the sidewalk. There is nothing cool about that.

How about ice skating? That is a skill that not everyone has. One that your kids can go back to school and brag about. There is actually a way they can learn to ice skate this summer and pun intended, it's really pretty cool.

Kids Inc. is teaming up with the Amarillo Wrangles to offer two different Intro to Ice Sports sessions. Each session will teach you how to skate on the ice. There will be three weeks of learning the ins and outs of skating. The final week will focus on ice sports: hockey, figure skating, and broomball. So much fun.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and get the kiddos signed up. It's just $50 for four sessions. The skates will even be provided. Go HERE to sign up.

Cool Off This Summer at Amarillo Pools and Splash Pads

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett

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