Find someone who loves you the way they love Keeno. That was my first thought. Next, I had so many questions.

Immediately I began wondering what it is that Keeno may or may not do. I began wondering if the phrase "Won't He Do It" was a question at all. Maybe it is more of a statement. Maybe there are big things on the horizon for the person known as Keeno.

Is Keeno the sleeper candidate that's going to run for Mayor that we are all unaware of, who will sweep in with a landslide victory and lead the city to a new golden age? Is Keeno an artist who is about to unleash the most amazing work of art the world has ever seen? Judging from Keeno's fashion sense, the artwork would be amazing.

All we know about Keeno is that Keeno is male (Won't He Do It), has a cut that would make Rick James jealous, dresses to impress, is very loved, and is 25 years young. We don't even know when Keeno's birthday was.

So, Keeno, here is a belated or possibly early, or maybe even on-time, happy birthday from us!

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