I have been doing DoorDash and Uber Eats food delivery for almost four months now. I really do enjoy it for the most part. I do get out of my house. I get to meet some interesting people. I got some funny stories to use on the radio. Oh, and I get to make some extra money. It's basically a win for me.

One thing that I have figured out is that DoorDash and other delivery apps sometimes just doesn't always use common sense. When I first started delivering I was given a pickup from two different restaurants to deliver to my customer. OK, not a problem.

They had me pick it up from the Chipotle on Georgia. OK, done that makes sense. Now I have to go pick up a drink from Water Still. They have good drinks. It makes sense. Except the pickup didn't. There is a Water Still right by Chipotle on Georgia but no.

Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on Unsplash
Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on Unsplash

They had me travel all the way to the one on Bell Street. So maybe the drop-off was near that Water Still. Again no. I had to drive to the area of 58th and Georgia. It seems it would have saved me some time to pick up from the Chipotle on Georgia and go down Georgia Street to the Water Still and continue on down Georgia Street to get to my delivery at 58th and Georgia. Oh, but what do I know? That just didn't make sense.

There are a lot of orders that just don't make sense. Recently I had a pick-up of a few things from Sonic. Sure, I was waiting on Georgia Street near the Five Guys for a delivery. Sonic was perfect. The area I was dropping off to was at I40 and Washington.

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Instead of having me drive half a block to the Sonic on Georgia Street and then right to I40 and Washington. That is not what they had me do at all. I was to drive to the Sonic at I27 and Washington and then travel all the way down Washington Street to the address. No matter how you look at it the Sonic on Georgia just made a lot more sense.

I still hope that at some point the deliveries start to make sense. These did not.

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