Being relatively new to Amarillo, I have to admit I'm not too familiar with the history of our city. Thanks to a friend, I became acquainted with the strange case of Johnny Frank Garrett.

First, I don't believe in curses and barely hold onto any belief in the supernatural whatsoever. Second, I've seen the documentary spearheaded by Jesse Quackenbush, and it definitely raised a few questions despite it's often preachy and condescending tones.

What got my attention, and subsequently led to an obsession, was simply reading news articles from the time shortly before and then after Johnny Frank Garrett's arrest.

My major question is how Johnny Frank Garrett became a suspect? Originally, he in no way matched the descriptions and theories. Then suddenly, Johnny Frank Garrett is being pinned for the crime, and a pair of psychics, Inez P and Allen H, are involved.

Nothing makes sense, and everyone has an agenda.

It is a staggering case when you spend time looking over all of the available documents, photographs, and films. I am not yet entirely convinced that an innocent man was murdered by the state, and I'm not entirely convinced law enforcement got the right guy via dumb luck or amazing detective work.

What are your thoughts? Where should I look for answers?

There's definitely more to come.

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